How Do You Stay Motivated In Life

Dated: 01/10/2019

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Question of the day...How do YOU keep yourself motivated throughout the long work week? A couple of coworkers and I have been having this conversation today and the responses are quite interesting. Other than the cliche "more coffee" or "energy drinks'' I asked them mentally, how do you do it? Carley brought up a really good idea and I think hers were worth sharing! Better is better!! Finding small ways to become better, she builds confidence by placing herself in awkward situations to be outside of her comfort zone. Awesome idea, right? If you never step out of your comfort zone, your life is never going to change! Why do the same exact thing every single day that you're alive? Experience things that you never thought you would enjoy! Make it happen!! Feel free to email me your recommendation as to how you keep yourself motivated! Id love to hear!!  

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Alan Hoffman

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